Sankai Juku “KAGEMI - Beyond the Metaphors of Mirrors” (re-creation)

A beautiful water garden with lotus leaves reemerges

Sankai Juku has consistently created new works and toured extensively, in more than 48 countries since its founding. Le Monde wrote about “Kagemi-Beyond the Metaphors of the Mirrors” as “Spectators are even absorbed in the very fine ramification of movement. Strange processes, between hypnosis and vigilance, that invite spectators, to the very heart of mystery of dance. In a forest of giant and immaculate lotus leaves . . . a cycle of life in its slow and incessant transformation. The celebration of Kagemi offers the viewer the fruit of dazzling meditation.”
Now it’s re-created for the first time since its world premiere in 2000. Please enjoy the world of Sankai Juku.

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Direction, Choreography, Design

Ushio Amagatsu


Takashi Kako, Yoichiro Yoshikawa


Sho Takeuchi, Akihito Ichihara, Dai Matsuoka, Norihito Ishii, Shunsuke Momoki, Taiki Iwamoto, Makoto Takase


Kitakyushu Performing Arts Center
TEL 093-562-2655(10:00-18:00)
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Organized by Kitakyushu City Foundation for Promoting Arts and Culture
Co-organized by Kitakyushu City
Funded by Agency for Cultural Affair Subsidy to Promote Art and Culture(Gekijyo Ongakudo tou Kinou Kyoka Suishin Jigyo) and Japan Arts Council


Chugekijo Theatre
Sunday, May 16, 2021 14:00
※Door opening time will be announced as soon as decided.


Reserved seating only
Adult: 4,500 yen
Youth: 2,500 yen(under 24 years old with valid ID)
High School: 1,500 yen(Limited number of tickets; Theatre Box Office/Phone: Advance sales only, with valid ID)
※Children must be above preschool age.

Ticket sale date

Sunday, April 4, 2021 10:00

Ticket sale

Kitakyushu Performing Arts Center
Ticket office
Online ticket
TEL 093-562-8435(10:00-18:00/weekdays only)※Only Japanese available
HIBIKI Hall Office

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