Dance Performance at Sankiro “Urokinsa”

The entire 100 tatami-floor hall turns into a stage

After garnering the attention of many people with the original “Soradan” dance made for Starflyer, Masako Yasumoto, a dancer and a choreographer, is once again collaborating with Oorutaichi. This time, Akito Inui, a writer and novelist, will join as well to conduct a residence-based creation project at Sankiro, a former ryotei (high standard traditional Japanese restaurant) and a symbol of the glorious days of Mojiko with an approximately 90-year history.

The stage will be set up in the gorgeous 100 tatami-floor hall where artists and intellectuals used to gather. Contemporary artists who are fascinated by this space just like the artists in the old days take us through a short time-travel experience using their multi-disciplinary performance that mixes dance, music, and drama. A special boxed meal prepared by Shunpanro, a traditional fugu (puffer fish) restaurant based in Shimonoseki, will also be served at the performance. Please enjoy the sensational and mysterious environment of Sankiro that can only be encountered through this special performance brought to you by three multi-talented artists.


Masako Yasumoto, Oorutaichi, and Akito Inui


Inui Akito

Born in 1971 in Tokyo, Inui works in all aspects of stage-production including scriptwriting, acting, stage-lighting design, sound engineering, etc. in his unique performance group, Tetsuwari Arubatorosuketto (Crack Iron Albatrossket). He has also released many novels and has been nominated for the Akutagawa Prize five times but has yet to win. Inui won the Kawabata Yasunari Prize for the short story “Suppon Shinjū (The Snapping Turtle Quest).” His “Haiyū Kameoka Takuji (Actor Takuji Kameoka)” was adapted into a film by Director Satoko Yokohama, and Ken Yasuda, an actor. Its sequel collection “Noroi Otoko: Haiyū Kameoka Takuji (The Slow Man: Actor Takuji Kameoka)” won the Noma Prize for New Writers.



Born in 1979 in Nara, he started working as Oorutaichi in 1999 and has released music that combines pre-programmed sounds and non-verbal lyrics according to his theme of “floating inner ethnicity.” Besides his solo project, he performs in the band Urichipangoon, and in a unit with YTAMO called Yuuki. He also works as a music director of animation films and performs in various places including the United States, Europe, and Asia. His work covers various fields including producing and remixing songs written by other musicians such as Wednesday Campanella, as well as writing music for theatrical works.


Masako Yasumoto

Yasumoto was born in 1974 in Tokyo. Her zodiac sign is Pisces and her blood type is O. Besides performing in her own dance works, she has choreographed theatrical works directed by Suzuki Matsuo and Akira Shirai, and has also performed in music videos and concerts of various musicians. She moved to Fukuoka in 2012 and enjoyed raising her children. She then moved to Kyoto in 2015. Everywhere she visits, Yasumoto conducts dance workshops for school students. She recently released a new dance piece, “Kora-Kora (Kids, Kids),” performed at live concerts, and drank and slept by the Kamogawa river. Unable to stop, she continues to dance.


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Organized by Kitakyushu City Foundation for Promoting Arts and Culture
Co-organized by Kitakyushu City
Collaborated with Sankiro Operation Association, Shunpanro, Mojiko Retro Club
Funded by Agency for Cultural Affair Subsidy to Promote Art and Culture(Gekijyo Ongakudo tou Kinou Kyoka Suishin Jigyo ), and Japan Arts Council
Produced by Kitakyushu Performing Arts Center

Dates and venue

Sankiro Hyakujo-ma (100 Tatami Hall) in Mojiko
September 15-16, 2018
Saturday, September 15 18:30
Sunday, September 16 18:30
※Doors open 60 minutes before the performance.


General seating only
3,500 yen (with Shunpanro’s special mini bento)
* Drinks will be sold at the venue.
* Admission for preschool children is free if they stay on their parents’ lap.
* No childcare service provided

Ticket sale date

Sunday, July 15, 2018

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